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About Us

What is EA Energy?

EA Energy is an energy and sustainability consulting company aiming to make sustainability and energy efficiency simpler and more attainable. Our vision is

“Within our generation buildings will be measured by energy produced not used, and by green space provided not CO2 emitted”

Our team of registered engineers, sustainability consultants and building practitioners is passionate about waste reduction and work every day to find new ways to innovate solutions for our client’s projects.

Asset Management

An essential tool for every building owner and facility manager in today’s world. Building systems are becoming more complex every day and without the ability to measure the performance....

Energy Studies

Understanding how your building uses energy is the first step to reducing energy and operation’s cost. Such process requires the appropriate experience, testing and monitoring tools...


Commissioning is the process of third-party verification of the design and construction of new and existing buildings. Commissioning can be done to meet building code requirements, improve the operation of the building...

Energy Simulation

Energy Simulation or Energy Modeling is the process of building a virtual building to analyze the how the building uses energy. This process is used for LEED submissions...

Alternative Funding

Energy efficiency improvement projects while allow for future operation cost reduction and the reinvestment of the money saved in another area, are typically costly.

LEED Consulting

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building project types...

Our Projects

Completed Projects

IKEA 6x6 San Francisco Study

Ohio History Center

Citi Bank North America Commissioning

Purdue Meredith Residence Hall

Why EA Energy

EA Energy is part of a community of design and construction experts with a unified goal to reduce waste in design, construction and operations of buildings.

Energy Reduced (560 mWh)
Carbon Mitigated (3 tTon)
Material Reused (30 Ton)
Waste Diverted (420 Ton)