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Asset Management

Asset Management

An essential tool for every building owner and facility manager in today’s world. Building systems are becoming more complex every day and without the ability to measure the performance of building systems and verify the appropriate operations, systems’ malfunction can be very costly.


In addition to system malfunction, and emergency repairs costs, the additional energy cost while the building is operating out of tune is not always easy to quantify however has been proven to be very expensive.


EA Energy can help you implement a building dashboard to allow you to track as many (or little) building parameters as you want. Our system can integrate with virtually any Building Automation System “BAS” and can be configured to send alerts to as many people and to all possible devices as you need.


For building owners and facility managers that oversee more than one building, the dashboard will allow the tracking of all the building from one convenient location. This dashboard also allows benchmarking your properties against each other and other buildings in the market place. This tool streamlines the application for Energy Star