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Purdue University Meredith Residence Hall

Purdue University Meredith Residence Hall

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Purdue University provides first class education with passion for sustainability. The motivation is not only a passion for the future but also their responsibility towards current students. Decades of research have proven the importance of natural light, clean air, and comfortable space.

First class education with sustainability

Purdue University has a long history of pursuing LEED certifications for their building as commitment to their students, communities they operate in, and fiscal responsibility. Meredith Residence Hall is no different. This 350 dorm rooms project is expected to be a home for 500 students every semester to live, study, and socialize.

The building was designed to seamlessly integrate sustainability features with elegant architecture and engineering. Student occupants were the center of the design with a focus on providing the student with enjoyable, and healthy experience.

EA Energy’s main challenge was to help the client achieve their healthy vision without compromising the energy efficiency goals. Working closely with the design team, EA Energy was able to analyze the design as it progressed providing guidance on the impact of the design changes on future energy cost impact. Working to advise the client on equipment selection, sequence of operation optimization, and operation efficiency. Finally, EA Energy provided LEED energy analysis maximizing the points the project achieved.

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