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IKEA Draper, UT Study

IKEA Draper, UT Study

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Mitigating real estate risk and being good stewards of the environment, and the investors dollars, IKEA Global operations have decided to eliminate IKEA’s dependency on fossil fuel with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2030 Vision

Looking ahead IKEA North America has decided to reduce their dependance on fossil fuels and move to zero emissions by 2030. IKEA has taken the approach of reducing energy consumption as much as possible and producing what they use onsite.

EA Energy was fortunate to assist IKEA in realizing this goal by producing a roadmap to maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions all while being good stewards of investors’ money.

Through deliberate conversations with all stakeholders, EA’s team was able to identify important goals, evaluate existing conditions and draw a map to get IKEA there

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