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Citi Bank North America Commissioning

Citi Bank North America Commissioning

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Citi Bank North America has made a commitment to the stakeholders, and the environment to use LEED Certification as a guide to their sustainability efforts. Every space they occupy must achieve a LEED Gold certification

Operation Optimization at each corner

Citi Bank North America recognizes that a functioning and comfortable building is the perfect gift they can offer their employees and clients.

As a practice, Citi bank commission every space they occupy, meeting aggressive standards for commissioning.

Relaying on the expertise of EA Energy’s team to document the spaces’ needs, work with the consultants and contractor to achieve this vision, and test the functionality of the systems, Citi have had the peace of mind that every building will be functioning correctly and optimized from day one

EA Energy was fortunate to assist IKEA in realizing this goal by producing a roadmap to maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions all while being good stewards of investors’ money.

Through deliberate conversations with all stakeholders, EA’s team was able to identify important goals, evaluate existing conditions and draw a map to get IKEA there

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