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Mohamed Tarek

Mohamed Tarek is a software engineer working at EA Energy Solutions. Mohamed focuses on solution driven programming, helping our clients achieve their vision in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Mohamed’s programming background allows EA Energy to offer our client’s progressive tools to manage, and track energy use that greatly benefit the client and EA. Mohamed’s passion for developing custom solutions for our clients has paid off massively in client satisfaction in every field we work in.

As a licensed Professional Engineering, Mr. El-Sayed embodies the integration of Engineering and Energy Management. Since 2004, Mohamed has provided leadership in the energy market through managing multiple energy service divisions and overseeing energy-related projects for couple different companies. In this role, Mr. El-Sayed managed projects that resulted in Ohio and Indiana’s first LEED Platinum commercial buildings and Ohio’s first LEED Platinum School.

In addition to his operational experience, Mr. El-Sayed is active in the USGBC’s Central Ohio Chapter as well as several other professional and civic affiliations.

Mohamed has earned a master’s degree in Environmental Health & Safety from the University of Cincinnati and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Zagazig University.