Union Rural Electrical Cooperative. Inc.

Project Start Date:   2013

Project Location:      Marysville, OH

Services Provided:   EnergyStar, Commissioning, and LEED Project Documentation

Client Company:      Union Rural Electrical COOP

Project Description:

Union Rural Electrical Coop was looking to renovate and expand their headquarters to add more space for the additional employees. As an electric provider URE hoped to set an example for their customers with regards to energy efficiency and sustainability. URE decided to build a LEED gold building that would achieve at a minimum a 90 score on the EnergyStar Scale.

The energy team worked with URE to identify their current facility’s EnergyStar score to identify a path to achieve 90. This path was used to identify possible technologies that would meet the COOP’s goals. After much analysis and consideration of several options and technologies, it was decided that geothermal heating and cooling, LED and florescent lighting, and a solar and electric water heating combination, provided the best return on investment for URE.

Throughout the process of translating the energy analysis into a constructible design, the energy team worked closely with the design team ensuring energy efficiency goals continuity during the design and construction.

The energy team registered the renovation/expansion project with the LEED program and assisted the design and construction team with the project documentation, a comprehensive process that resulted in the project award of LEED Gold certification. Knowing that any building operates as well as the operation and maintenance staff abilities, the commissioning team, in addition to regular commissioning activities, focused on bringing the operation and maintenance staff up to speed on the new technologies that were incorporated in the building during the renovation.

For the last three years, our team has worked with the COOP to maintain the energy efficiency and EnergyStar certification, through continuous monitoring of the operation and ensuring that the building meets the indoor conditions required by EnergyStar.