Spine Surgery Center
The Christ Hospital

Started 2015

Cincinnati, OH

The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital health system decided to add 300,000 square feet to allow for a state of the art spine surgery center. Their goal was to provide a cutting-edge service for their patients and staff. From the beginning, the service provider identified energy efficiency, ease of operation, and patient experience as their main goals for the new facility.

As a savvy building owner and operator, the service provider knew they needed a good commissioning agent involved in the project from inception. EA Energy’s commissioning team was engaged to commission the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within the building. As a complex, phased, multi-prime construction project, the commissioning team needed to be proactive and actively engaged from day one.

The commissioning team documented the owner’s goals and needs in the Owner Project Requirements (OPR) and the Commissioning Plan. They worked with the design team to perform construction and operational review. During the phased stages of construction, the commissioning team performed regular site visits, confirming the construction was following the project drawings and specifications. They also performed submittal reviews to ensure the compatibility of the system with the owner’s plans.

After the building was ready to be turned over to the owner, the commissioning team performed Functional Testing (FPT) of the equipment. All issues found were resolved before the owner took position of the building, saving the owner of any unnecessary energy expenses, operational issues, or any patient discomfort.

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