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Sonic Automotive has made a commitment to sustainability and is pursuing LEED certification for all their new EchoPark© dealerships. Over the last several years, Sonic has trusted EA Energy to manage twelve dealerships in achieving their LEED certifications. Three of the twelve dealerships have achieved certification, while the rest are in various stages of design and construction.

EA Energy worked with the design teams of these projects to help develop the building prototype and to prepare design documents and specifications that meet LEED requirements. During construction, EA Energy worked with the contractors to confirm materials selected for the buildings and the methods of construction adhered to LEED standards.

Throughout the design and construction process, EA Energy took the lead keeping LEED certification in the forefront of priorities, an effort that led to continuous success in achieving LEED certification.

EA Energy assisted in documentation of these projects as well by tracking and documenting LEED requirements for the architecture and engineering teams. This resulted in fewer LEED comments and on schedule LEED reviews. 

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