Johnson Family Women's Residence Hall
University of Notre Dame


Notre Dame, IN

Barton Malow

EA Energy partnered with Barton Malow and Notre Dame to help the Johnson Family Women’s Residence Hall get the points it needed to get LEED Gold. Specifically, we partnered with them for the construction-end of the LEED points.

This project is currently almost finished and is on track to earn BPDO materials ingredients Option 2. More specifically, it is on track to earn exemplary performance in BPDO, EPDs Option 1, and Materials Ingredients Option 1. As it stands, we are only 2 points shy of maxing out every possible point the construction team could earn! That’s a huge accomplishment.

EA used some LEED 4.1 substitutions, which allowed us to selectively upgrade to v4 from v3. We also did the integrated analysis of the building analysis pilot credit, which was another success. 

Overall, this project achieved LEED Gold!

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