Keysight Technologies


Atlanta, GA

The Dragon Group

As a leader in technology, Keysight wanted its new 25,000 square foot office space, which is housed in a LEED Platinum building, to also be a leader in sustainability and energy efficiency. EA Energy helped Keysight achieve LEED Gold certification through Energy Simulation, LEED Documentation, and LEED Administration.

By partnering with EA Energy, the Keysight office project managed to reduce water usage and track a 27% energy reduction over the set baseline in preliminary phases. Through EA Energy’s LEED Consulting program, the Keysight construction waste management plan also achieved 75% of waste diverted from landfills and into recycling centers.

The Keysight project was successful in achieving the desired LEED certification thanks to the dedication of EA Energy to administering and documenting their credits and also performing energy simulation activities. 

Sustainability Starts Here!

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