Irish Athletic Center
University of Notre Dame


Notre Dame, IN

Barton Malow

Partnering with Barton Malow, we provided LEED Consulting for the construction process. Although not currently finished, this project is on track to earn BPDO materials ingredients option 2, which is a huge accomplishment. Similar to the Ty Tucker Tennis Facility we worked on at Ohio State, the Irish Athletic Center doesn’t use a lot of materials that could be counted in a LEED process for materials ingredients points. Approximately 80% of the building is the athletic field, with only a couple rooms to the side, so there is a smaller sample of products to work with.

Even with those challenges, we are on track to earn exemplary performance in BPDO, EPDs option 1, and materials ingredients option 1. We are 2 points shy of maxing out every point the construction team could possibly earn. We also did the integrated analysis of the building analysis pilot credit. Right now we think we will achieve LEED Silver, but we are still pushing for LEED Gold.

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