IKEA is known for its massive warehouse-like stores, but would you believe that they could achieve LEED Gold? Well with our help, they have in multiple locations. In fact, the IKEA stores we’ve partnered on have ended up being energy positive, which means they actually produce more energy than they use per store. They have solar installations on every store’s roof and generate 2.5 megawatts of energy each year. They also installed energy efficient windows, HVAC, and lighting to reduce overall energy consumption. 

IKEA’s goal was to achieve LEED Gold, and we were able to help them achieve that by implementing strategies in the design of the building such as increased fresh air flow to improve the indoor environment for shoppers and workers. To also improve the indoor experience, we used low VOC content paint throughout the entire building. IKEA also added bike racks for employee use. IKEA also provided alternative transportation options for employees and shoppers such as charging stations in the parking lots and better access for those who carpool. 

EA also helped IKEA document its site development processes that were along LEED guidelines. They selected a previously developed site to save the environment from being further developed and also chose native plant species for around the building to reduce the total amount of irrigation needed.

EA also consulted with IKEA in buying construction materials. Fifty-percent of the construction materials came from within 500 miles of the site, which reduced transportation emissions. Twenty-percent of the construction materials were previously recycled materials. 

Overall, all IKEA sites that we partnered on became LEED Gold buildings.

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