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American Electric Power (AEP) is one of the largest energy utility companies with service centers throughout 11 states in the continental US. EA Energy’s experts helped six AEP service locations achieve LEED certification (versions 3 and 4) over the past few years through the administration and documentation of the LEED process. EA also partnered with contractors for continued support during the construction process.

AEP’s service locations are typically located in rural areas and built on undisturbed sites, meaning they aim to only use the construction space necessary without harming or removing any additional natural resources. By partnering with EA’s experts, AEP’s contractors had LEED guidance to maintain the site throughout the entire process.

EA Energy also helped administer and document the site’s permeable paving to reduce runoff on the site. AEP used concrete instead of asphalt to reduce solar absorption as well. Inside the service centers, they used low-flow fixtures high efficiency HVAC systems, and radiant heating in the bay area to reduce overall usage.

Sustainability Starts Here!

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