Commissioning is the process of documenting the design and construction of a building system and testing for efficiency after construction. It is used to ensure the build owner’s goals and desires are achieved throughout the project and also to ensure proper operation of the building system.

Commissioning can also be used to meet building code requirements, improve the operation of building systems, or verify the integrity of the design and construction process.

We believe that every building is unique and the commissioning process should match that uniqueness. Through a close examination of the client’s vision, program, context, market conditions, schedule, and budget, we identify the right team members to tackle each project. The result is a highly functional building that is built on time and within budget.

Our commissioning team consists of engineers who know how buildings should be designed, constructed, and operated. We know how to spot big problems early on. After commissioning over 5 million square feet, we might be a small company, but we can compete with anybody.

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