Alternative Funding

Undertaking an energy improvement project is an exciting venture! Not only do you reduce the energy cost of your building and put money back in your pocket, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping our planet.

We know that energy efficiency improvement projects are costly even though they allow for future operation cost reductions. Improvement projects can add a financial burden to the building owners or put them in a position to make tough financial decisions.

Alternative funding (or financing) for energy efficiency projects is available and is a great option for relieving some of financial burdens. The means to fund these projects can include utility rebates, government grants, low interest loans, and more. The availability of these programs differs based on the type and location of the building, and the type of improvement that is planned.

With many programs to choose from and a lot of paperwork needed for each one of these programs, involving us in your next energy improvement project not only ensures that the project receives the maximum amount of funding available, but also that your project team will be minimally involved, freeing them to focus on other duties.

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