We are EDGE Certified!
We are officially certified in the State of Ohio's Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) program.
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With projects from small offices to massive stadiums, our energy experts have done it all.
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About Us
Our experts help with reducing energy consumption, increasing sustainability, and improving humans' experience in commercial buildings.
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LEED Consulting
We have a track record of getting LEED Certifications above what is initially intended. You want LEED Silver? We'll help you get LEED Gold.
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We are endlessly committed to energy efficiency and sustainability.


Alternative Funding

Reduce the energy cost of your building and relieve the financial burdens of energy efficiency projects.
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Asset Management

Measure the building's systems and verify the operations to reduce costly operations.
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Verify that your goals are achieved while ensuring proper operation of the building system, meeting code requirements, and maintaining the integrity of the building process.
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Energy Audits

Understand how your building uses energy and identify ways to reduce the overall cost of operations.
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Energy Simulation

Analyze how a building uses energy for LEED submissions, Energy Audits, projecting energy consumption and cost, and more.
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LEED Consulting

Get peace of mind that your building is designed and constructed for sustainable operation.
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Sustainable Design

Creative solutions pertaining to energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and more.
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Learn more about the State of Ohio’s EDGE program here:

EDGE Program

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